Calliandra Green Natural Yardage

Calliandra Green Natural Yardage

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$270 $134

Calliandra is where it all began. During Alex’s time living in New Zealand she became acquainted, and soon fell in love with, the indigenous plant life. Calliandra was born of that love for the exotic florals, while still relating to the bursts of Bizzy Bloom and other patterns.

The gentle arc of the stems move the pattern up and across the fabric while the burst of the blossom create an exciting splash. Depending on the color, the pattern can be subtle and feminine or robust and vibrant, each colorway having it’s own special personality. Calliandra is perfect for almost any room in the house, a romantic master bedroom in Robin’s Egg or a wonderful family beach house in Green/Blue!

Available in Green Natural
Width 54″ Repeat 12″H 18″V
100% Linen
Dry clean only
Limited quantity available

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